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As a professional trainer and instructor for over 40 years and a horse owner for longer, Margot has witnessed and lived through countless examples of how horses effortlessly and gracefully continue to embody the most profound contradictions. They are simultaneously innocent and wise, never sacrificing one for the other. They are spirit tamers and endless revealers of our own selves. Their wisdom, instinct, emotion, authenticity, and extrasensory awareness have the power to connect the human spirit at levels some will never have the good fortune to experience.

It is with the deepest and most profound gratitude to all the horses that have enriched Margot's life journey. Her goal is to share every aspect of what the horses have brought to her. 

Margot is an Eagala advanced equine specialist and currently the lead facilitator at Ironstone Farm for their Home Base veteran retreats, and a facilitator at Black Fox Farm in Richmond, ME and throughout the New England area.



Team building


Leadership skills



PTSD survivors

Youth at risk

First responders

Cancer survivors


Three Horses

The healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely.

Yung Pueblo, writer and speaker



Margot Frost has a passion for the Eagala Model. She is an amazing equestrian and loves helping people. As her mentor, I watched her grow, eventually getting her Advanced Certification and volunteering to be the Maine Networking Coordinator. Eagala is very lucky to have Margot Frost on their team as we all continue to learn and grow.

Jimmy Downes, NCACI, LAP-C

I have known Margot both professionally and personally. Margot has a kind and generous heart. She is attuned to others with a deep listening and understanding, she is motivated and driven to be the best she can be both personally and professionally, and she has shown herself to be ethical and hold high standards. It is a pleasure to have Margot a part of my life.

Carole Harris, LCSW, PsyD

I have had the pleasure of facilitating equine assisted therapy and equine assisted learning events with Margot for the past several years. We have worked with veterans, veterans families, cancer survivors, medical, nursing and social work students. Margot is one of the most compassionate, thoughtful and impassioned people I have met. She has extensive knowledge of horses and Eagala practices and is passionate about sharing the power of partnering humans and horses for remarkable experiences and outcomes. She has a kind and approachable demeanor and has a genuine way of putting people at ease. 


Kate Hyde, MSW, LCSW

Margot Frost first brought her talents to Ironstone Farm more than 40 years ago and since then, her involvement has been an asset on many fronts. Most recently, Margot’s facilitation of our Equine Encounter Retreats has helped hundreds of veterans and their family members suffering with Post Traumatic Stress—through her intuitive understanding and empathy, and her ability to connect participants with the magic of the human/horse relationship. Add to that an unparalleled sense of humor—used when it counts—and you will see lives change. 

Deedee O’Brien, Co-Founder of Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm, Executive Director Emeritus


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